13 May 2010

The Splendour Falls

by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Random House. Fantasy, Young Adult. Paperback rrp $17.95

What happens when a young girl destined to be a great ballet dancer falls and breaks her leg? When her mother remarries after the death of her beloved father?

Sylvie Davies’ life is shattered, just like her broken leg, when her mother sends her to stay with her father’s cousin in Alabama. She is distracted from self-pity by two boys determined to woo her. One for power. One for love. But how can she tell them apart?

What upsets Sylvie most is the crying at night in the woods beside the old homestead of her father’s family and the brief glimpses of a figure running through the night. Is Sylvie going mad? Or is there something magical about the beautiful blue stone planted in the garden?

A wonderful tale of ghosts, beliefs and trust. This is not your average girl meets two boys and has to choose. This is a story of a young woman coping with conflicting ideals and the decisions that will change her life.

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