24 April 2010

Getting Even with Fran

by Christine Stinson

Pan Macmillan Australia. Australian, Adult Other. Paperback rrp $32.99

Getting Even with Fran is a look at seven women’s different perspectives on what happened at school and how that shaped their future 30 years on.
Fran is the organiser of the 30th reunion for the girls from St Agnes Ladies College. She was also Cecilia’s tormentor throughout her school years.

Fran is still good friends with Anne, or ‘Saint Anne’ as everyone used to call her. Sharon and Barb are still best friends but they have a few dark secrets that they don’t want surfacing at the reunion. Kerry and Nellie were best friends at school but suddenly drifted apart three years later. How much has changed and how much is still the same?

The seven women have deep issues about the school reunion. To lose the weight that gave them the nickname of ‘barge arse’. To confront their tormentors or ones who hurt them in other ways. Or just to peek into the past and see the changes.

But what happens when they realise that was then and this is now! Does any of it really matter any more?

After attending my own 30th all girls’ school reunion a few years ago, Getting Even with Fran had a strong personal impact. I could relate to nearly every girl that was described. I kept wondering whether Christine Stinson was an ex-classmate of mine! The characters are so real - I laughed, cringed and shed a tear. Let’s get to the 40th reunion!

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