10 April 2010

The Disappeared

by M R Hall

Pan MacMillan. Crime, Mystery. Paperback rrp $25.00

Seven years ago, two young British men (Nazim Jamal and Rafi Hassan) vanished without a trace from their rooms at Bristol University. Nazim’s mother has spent the ensuing years searching for her son and for answers to her questions. No-one wants to help this woman. The police see only two extremist Muslims who have snuck out of the country to fight in Afghanistan. The boys have probably been killed there.

When a person is missing for seven years, the family can approach the District Coroner to prove if that person is dead. In desperation Mrs Jamal approaches the District Coroner, Jenny Cooper, for her help in finalising Nazim’s death.

This a story of many threads, and an investigation which will require all of Jenny’s skills. A young woman’s body is stolen from the morgue, evidence is destroyed by fire, the hazardous levels of radiation appear at locations of interest and Mrs Jamal’s original solicitor is acting very strange.

The closer Jenny gets to answers her own demons start waging a battle inside her. Can she find the answers for Mrs Jamal? Can she also win the fight of her own ghosts? Every step that Jenny makes closer to the truth the perilous dangers are intensified. There will be more than one dead body at the end of this story.

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