16 February 2010


by Casey Lever

Random House. Australian, Young Adult. Paperback rrp $18.95

Who’s up for a game of Truth or Dare? Lever certainly knows how to twist a simple childhood game into something much more dark and sinister.

Headgames is the story of five teenagers. The main character, Steven, is a skinny nerd with long hair. Tala, the big Samoan who is his best friend, doesn’t see the nerdy Steven that the rest of the school sees. For years Steven has had an infatuation with Avery, the girl everyone likes. Connor is the tough guy, rumoured to have been in juvenile detention. And Jude, Connor’s half-sister is incredibly hostile towards Steven.
Connor plays the game of Truth or Dare because he believes the truth will set you free, but the game can be cruel. Avery, his girlfriend, wants to participate. Steven wants to know more about Avery. Tala is dragged along because he is Steven’s mate. Jude is bored and likes to be cruel.

And so the game begins.

But what happens when all five find out there are secrets within and everyone will be affected by the truth? Once the game begins it must continue until each person is free. Will they finish the game and be free? Or will the game drag them into the dark recesses of their minds?

Headgames is a Wow book. Brilliant. Insightful. Interesting. I think I’d be too scared to play Truth or Dare again.

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