18 January 2010

The Amanda Project

Invisible I

by Stella Lennon (Melissa Kantor)

Harper Collins. Mystery, Young Adult. Paperback rrp $16.99

I read the press releases, the back cover and I was hooked. Only problem, so was my teenage daughter. The best thing to do was pass it to her first and then she could review it for me. Perfect – a review by a teenager of a book for teenagers.

For weeks I watched her read The Amanda Project (she isn’t a fast reader but she was engrossed). I would ask casually how it was going: “Great” was the reply. “What’s it about?” “I can’t tell you.”

So I waited expectantly. With the school holidays arriving I was sure to get my review. Yes, she finished it. Yes she thought it was fantastic. But unfortunately, No, she couldn’t give me a review as it is too hard to describe. I think there was more to it. I once again read the press release and had a look at the online information. It’s a mystery and I think one that my daughter wants to solve without telling me.


The media release states “Amanda Valentino is missing. Will you help us find her? Read the book. Join the website. Create a character. Help us tell the story. This is the first interactive and collaborative mystery for girls!

Amanda Valentino is the most mysterious, the most magnetic girl you’ll never meet. But if you join The Amanda Project, you might just find out what happened to her…”

So there you have it. My daughter is hooked and she is not an easy catch for any storyline. No more to say. If you have a teenage daughter, niece or grandchild, head for the book store to get a good interactive mystery. And it doesn’t stop there. Go to http://www.theamandaproject.com/ to continue.

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