18 November 2009

Zombie Blondes

by Brian James

Macmillan. Young Adult. Paperback rrp $16.99

"They’re beautiful. They’re popular. They’re dead." That’s the front cover blurb. The book just gets better.

Not all small towns are boring. Hannah Sanders finds out that Maplecrest is far from being dull. With Hannah’s father moving from small town to small town to run away from debt collectors, she knows how hard it is to be popular at the local high school.

At first glance, Maplecrest High is the same as everywhere else. “It” girls, jocks, nerds, geeks and loners. And Hannah certainly seems destined to become a loner. After all, the It girls are all blonde, beautiful and their names start with “M”. How could Hannah possibly fit in here?

When Hannah’s father goes away for a week, Hannah is left alone to fend for herself at school, at home and from the zombies. How can she survive?
Zombie Blondes is a book that I couldn’t put down and made me wonder how far would people go to become popular? To the death? To the living end? Zombie Blondes will “grab” you right up to the last page!

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