03 November 2009


A Modern Faerie Tale

by Holly Black

Simon and Schuster. Fantasy, Young Adult. Paperback rrp $22.99

A year ago I read the sequel to Tithe, Ironside and fell in love with a story of faeries, enchantments, glamour (when a faerie disguises themselves to humans) and pixies. I missed Tithe first time round. Luckily it has been reissued and I now can continue on my magical journey.

Kaye is a sixteen-year-old living with her drunken mother and travelling from gig to gig whilst her mother tries to become a great rock singer. However when her mother’s current boyfriend tries to kill her, they decide it is better for both of them to return to New Jersey to Kaye’s grandmother and her early childhood home.

But the move brings new problems. When Kaye was young she used to have pixie companions. Would they still be waiting for her when she gets back? Can she make her only friend from her past finally believe that they are true? And who is the beautiful faerie knight she saves from certain death?

Kaye realises that she isn’t what she thinks she is. The mortal world is not hers and the world of the pixies and faeries, where she belongs, do not want her. Except for one.

A wonderful and dark tale of love, lust, fantasy and wishes. Tithe isn’t pretty and happy – it’s evil, grubby and soiled. A story that could easily relate to our own times.

Having read Ironside over a year ago I know have to catch up on Kaye and her struggle between human and pixie forms.

Holly Black’s sequel Ironside was reviewed in Issue 12 of The Reading Stack.


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