06 November 2009

The Moment You Were Gone

by Nicci Gerrard

Penguin Books. Adult Fiction. Paperback rrp $24.95

The Moment You Were Gone is an intriguing book. There are six main characters, each with a story to tell in their respective chapters but the one that does most of the narrating is Gaby. A wonderful woman many readers will identify with or recognise in their friends.

Gaby is a wife and a mother. Her husband Connor is a well respected doctor studying pain management. Ethan, their son, is off to university, which leaves Gaby and Connor alone. Just the two of them.

Upset by the departure of her only child, Gaby decides to find her childhood best friend, Nancy. Nancy was living with Gaby’s brother, Stefan. She was Ethan’s non-god mother and Gaby, Connor, Stefan and Nancy were inseparable. Then one day, nearly 20 years ago, Nancy left. No explanation, no forwarding address, no phone number, nothing. She disappeared from the face of the earth. Why didn’t Nancy tell Gaby why she was leaving? Was it because of Stefan? Stefan refuses to discuss it and so does Connor.

When Gaby sees Nancy briefly on a news report, she goes in search of her. But does Nancy want to be found?

Gaby and Connor’s relationship is tested, as is Connor’s and Stefan’s and Connor’s and Ethan’s. And if you have been counting – who is the sixth character? That’s the secret that you will have to read the book to find out.

I loved this book. Each character is very real and the story believable. So much so, I am sure, there are some people who will read this and think it was based on them! A great read and impossible to put down, even when the eyelids were fighting to shut!

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