09 September 2009

Your Mother Would be Proud

edited by Tamara Sheward and Jenny Valentish

Allen & Unwin. Australian, Adult Non-Fiction. Paperback rrp $32.99

Your Mother Would Be Proud is a book that has been in my household for over 2 months but I have never seen it. Until now! Why? Because the two older males in my home took, read it, and now, have finally reported back to me.

The seventeen year old said

“I didn’t know half the people but I liked The Chaser and Julia Zemiro.” And he did read it all the way through – a positive comment in itself.

The “seventeen x 3” year old actually wrote down his quote…

“Stories from some famous and not so famous Australians: Some very funny and revealing stories from their early years. From streaking at a rugby match to interviewing rock stars, to touring Europe in a band. A lot of the fun is due to large amounts of alcohol. There are some stories that your mother would be best she never found out about. This is a very entertaining book.”

With Christmas looming ever so quickly, here is a book that will suit anyone who likes a good laugh and a bit of goss!

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