23 September 2009

Flying Diggers

by Ian Whybrow and Illustrated by David Melling

Hodder Children’s Books (Hachette). Picture Book. Hardcover rrp $28.99

Most little boys love trucks and what could be more perfect for these readers than an exciting imaginative play story about an orange Backhoe Loader and a blue Telescopic Handler.

Granbam made these trucks for Teddy and Ruby. The trucks don’t look different but when Granbam hands over hats and keys, he has some advice as well: They’re a bit spesh.

What makes them special is the games Teddy and Ruby play. Team FD. Calling Team FD…. Hurry to the jungle Team FD. F is for Flying and D is for Diggers. The FD team race to the jungle where a tiger cub needs to be rescued from snapping crocodiles.

There’s lots of fun to be had. Action and adventure. 3-2-1 Dive Bomb. Words that Sploosh and Splash. Wonderful, wonderful illustrations of diggers diving, whooshing and rushing around everywhere.

Flying Diggers is sure to be a favourite with truck-loving boys aged three to six.


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