14 September 2009

Beyond the Knock-Knock Door

by Scott Monk

Random House Australia. Australian, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Junior. Paperback rrp $16.95

Here is a book that will keep a child’s imagination captive from the beginning to the end.

The 12-year-old Bowman triplets discover a door that takes them to another world. Here there are no birds but there wouldn’t be any room in the sky because the fish swim in there! Duck when a flying whale and shark gets too close! Lands “hover” around the atmosphere and some have metal seeking bases.

And the people are strange too – some with facial scarring and others with jewels encrusted into their cheeks. There doesn’t seem to be anyone who is old.

When Michael, Luke and Samantha enter this other world their fancy dress costumes become real and Michael is mistaken for The Gold Knight from the Hall of Heroes, Luke a space man and Samantha a pirate.

The triplets set out to save Pacifico, a floating nation, from a fearful monster. Even though people go missing, the politicians and the Royal Marines refuse to believe the monster is real. But what is real and what is not is where everything goes belly up!

This is an excellent mystery, science fiction story for readers who don’t like predictable endings. Good fun and definitely very, very unusual.

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