13 August 2009

What Does Your Daddy Do?

by Gordon Reece. Illustrated by Vilma Cencic

Hachette Children’s Books. Australian, picture book, young reader. Paperback rrp $16.99 Hardback rrp $28.99

What can you give dad for Father’s Day that will make him feel treasured and special? What Does Your Daddy Do? is THAT perfect gift!

When everyone at school gets up and tells the class what their fathers do, from rock star to judge to a heart surgeon, it seems everyone’s dad does something important. But when Tina gets up and tries to cover up that her father is a garbageman, the rest of the children laugh at her and Tina comes home in tears.

Tina asks her mother why her father doesn’t do anything important. But Tina’s mum reminds Tina just how important her father is to her. And Tina realises that her dad is the best dad in the whole wide world!

Children everywhere can read this book and feel proud of their fathers, no matter what job they do. Cencic’s illustrations featuring Australian animals are colourful and expressive. A cute book that will give any dad the “warm and fuzzies” if they are lucky enough to receive it for Father’s Day.


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