10 August 2009

Guinness World Records 2009

Gamer’s Edition

ABC Books. Non fiction, Junior, Young Adult. Hardcover rrp $35.00

If you know a pre-teen or teenage male who doesn’t like to read but loves to play computer or console games, then this is the book you are looking for. Girls and older readers will also find The Guinness Book of World Records, Gamer’s Edition fascinating. I confess I learned many new and interesting facts.

The book follows the popular Guinness Book of Records format, revealing a range of ‘firsts’, ‘longests’, ‘biggests’ and ‘smallests’ with added trivia and mini interviews. Did you know Grand Theft Auto IV is the highest grossing video game over the first 24 hours of sales? It generated $310 million worldwide. And the Legend of Zelda (remember that one?) is the longest-running action adventure-series, first released in1986 and still going. The Top three games of all time – Super Mario Kart, Grand Theft Auto IV and Tetris. The Top 50 console games list, compiled based on initial impact and lasting legacy is certain to generate heated discussion. It did in our house.

Experts can test their knowledge with the quiz questions scattered throughout and compare their scores to the 2009 Twin Galaxies Leaderboard of high scores and fastest times.

This is a book of pages to be flipped and flicked, stopping to read where random facts catch the eye. It is ideally suited to those hard to please male teenagers but lots of fun for everyone.

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