07 August 2009


by Alexa Young

Random House. Young Adult. Paperback rrp $17.95

Here is a book for any modern young girl who dreams of the “American” lifestyle of the rich and famous. Avalon and Halley are BFF. They live next door to each other in California in mansions by the sea and they attend Seaview Middle School where there are contemplation ponds, patio chairs and the food comes straight out of a Master Chef Class.

Avalon, a blonde cheerleader, is “developing” in all the right places. Halley is dark haired and likes a bit of rock and roll. Both think they are besties and that their wardrobes are perfect.

But what happens when Halley likes a boy that her other friend, Sofee, has just broken up with? Can she go out with him? Or would that be breaking the best friend code? Avalon comes to the rescue. But is Avalon helping Halley out or does she have ulterior motives?

And when Halley joins the cheerleaders to help Avalon get the Captaincy is it really what Halley wants? Or does Halley also have ulterior motives? Is Halley and Avalon friendship real or is it all just fake?

A great book for young tweens. A great follow-up to Young’s first book in this series, Frenemies, which was reviewed in Issue 19 of The Reading Stack. Now to find out what happens next to the “friends”…. Where is Book 3?


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