21 July 2009

When No-one’s Looking: On the Farm

by Zana Fraillon & Lucia Masciullo
Hardie Grant Egmont. Australian, Picture, Young Reader. Hardcover rrp $24.95.

For an adult with a vivid imagination When No-one’s Looking: On the Farm was a fun read with my young boy. We both tried to picture what was behind the folded page, but neither of us guessed any right! We had fun trying though and laughed and laughed and laughed. My son especially liked the dogs in the hot air balloon with one dangling in a rescue ring underneath.

One of the intriguing features of this book is how it captures what we have all, at one stage of our lives, tried to imagine. What do the animals on the farm do when we aren’t looking? And what about when the fridge door is closed … does the light really go out?

I’ve often wondered whether pigs could fly and Masciullo has certainly captured a different angle on that one!

This is a great lift-and-reveal picture book with wonderful funny illustrations. An excellent book for every young imaginative child - the message is loud and clear - don’t believe everything anyone tells you!

Fraillon and Masciullo have teamed up also for When No-one’s Looking: At the Zoo. I can only imagine!

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