07 July 2009

Smart Babies Series

Little bush babies
Mummy’s little zoo babies

black dog books. Picture, Australian, Board Book rrp $9.99 each

These two recent titles in the Smart Babies series of board books continue to delight and entertain the youngest of ‘readers’.

Little bush babies is a showcase of photos of baby Australian animals doing the things children do every day. The turtle: I play in the sandpit and my favourite, the Tasmanian Devil with his mouth wide open and ferocious teeth showing: I yawn.

Mummy’s little zoo babies looks at the baby animals found at the zoo. All the favourites are there – tigers, monkeys and zebras, with a few not so quite well known– like meerkats and skunks.

The binding and thick pages passed my personal toddler-tough test with flying colours. These excellent, high quality board books would make a great first birthday gift.

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