11 July 2009

The Phoenix Files: arrival

by Chris Morphew

Hardie Grant Egmont. Australian, Junior, Young Adult, Science Fiction. Paperback rrp $16.95

Not many books leave me totally frustrated at the end but The Phoenix Files: arrival did just that! Frustration plus! It has the best cliff hanger ending I have read in a long time and I am itching to get the next instalment.

After his parents split up, Luke Hunter and his mother move to Phoenix. It’s a small Australian town, somewhere out in the middle of nowhere – well so Luke thinks. His mum has been given a really great new job and his she thinks that it could be good for Luke too after the recent family problems. Luke is 15 years of age and just wants to be a teenager. He also still wants to see his father, or at least speak with him.

Phoenix isn’t an ordinary town. First, everything is new – the buildings, the school, the shops. Then there are no cars – everyone rides bicycles. And if that isn’t strange enough - no television, no telephones (that work) and no internet (but there is an intranet). There is also no police force, just a private security detail.

Luke quickly meets new friends, Peter and Jordan. Peter was one of the first students to arrive at Phoenix school. Jordan is not happy about being in Phoenix and she is the second last student to arrive. Just before Luke.

At the end of Luke’s first day, Luke and Jordan receive half each of a coded message from a mysterious source. When Peter finally decodes the message the three friends realise the true sinister purpose of Phoenix and Shackleton Cooperative, the company that built the town from the ground up less than a year before.

Luke, Peter and Jordan have only 100 days to try and solve the puzzle to help civilisation survive. But who can they trust?

The Phoenix Files: arrival is the first 12 days and there are five more books to be released over the next few months. Be prepared for a great story, a great plot with heaps of twists and as I said before, a nail-biting cliff hanger of an ending! Hurry up Mr Morphew, I only have 88 days to go but I don’t like waiting…



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