07 May 2009

Zen Tails – The Know It All

by Peter Whitfield. Illustrated by Nancy Bevington

New Frontier Publishing. Australian, Young Reader, Junior. Hardcover rrp $19.95

Zen Tails is a series of books that are classic philosophical stories that have been adapted for children. There is a moral in each book (the “Tail”) and an original Zen tale (the “Zen”).

The Know It All is the story of a group of friends who are being shown how to do different things, such as building a dam, swimming underwater and diving. But Furball, the cat, doesn’t want to learn so he tells his friends that he already knows how to do it all. Furball soon learns a very valuable lesson!

The Know It All is a beautifully illustrated book that could be left on the coffee table as well as on the book shelf. It may be aimed at children but I’m sure there are many adults who could read it and take heed of the advice given!


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