22 May 2009

Trust Me

by Jeff Abbott

Hachette Australia. Crime, Mystery. Paperback rrp $32.99

Thump, Thump! Thump, Thump! Thump, THUMP! That’s my heart racing from the moment I read the first line of Trust Me until I closed the book 36 hours later! Jeff Abbott knows how to grab an audience and throw them around, causing mayhem and havoc to this reader’s brain matter. Brilliant writer, brilliant story!

For the past ten years, Luke Dantry has been brought up by his stepfather Henry. Henry was a fellow professor working with Luke’s father, Warren. When Warren was tragically killed, Henry helped comfort Luke and his mother and stepped into Warren’s shoes. Luke’s mother dies in a car accident and Henry suddenly realises that Warren’s shoes may be too big for him!

Luke is majoring in psychology and helping Henry with his research monitoring extremist groups on the internet.

When Luke is kidnapped at gun point and becomes an accessory to murder, his world starts to become unravelled, and very quickly. Luke doesn’t understand what he has done but is worried that his research for Henry is a small key. Maybe he stepped over an invisible line with one of these groups.

A simple young man with no skills other than getting inside the heads of others, Luke becomes a frightened and desperate man. All Luke wants is his life back. But how far will one man go to get back his freedom? Who can Luke trust now?

Trust Me has more twists and turns than a spiral staircase. Warning to anyone with a bad heart – read very, very carefully and ensure you have someone near you at all times … Trust me!

Abbott’s book Run was reviewed in Issue 5 of The Reading Stack.


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