27 May 2009

Running on the Cracks

by Julia Donaldson

Hardie Grant Egmont. Young Adult. Paperback rrp $16.95

Leo and Finlay are two teenagers in trouble. Leo has run away from her new family after her parents have died and Finlay seems to be constantly in trouble with his family.

When Leo steals a bag of donuts from the shop where Finlay works on the weekend, he recognises her from a newspaper article offering a reward for information. Finlay chases Leo, hoping to earn the reward. But when he learns her story, he decides to help her instead.

Finlay decides to try and locate Leo’s father’s family as a surprise. But then he realises that someone is always one step in front of him. Who is after Leo? Will he be too late to save her?

Leo feels she must keep running to survive and a line from a childhood game haunts her memories - ‘Don’t tread on the cracks. If you tread on a crack, it could be him.’

Running on the Cracks is a fast paced thriller where many young teenagers will find not only an entertaining read, but valuable information about unlikely friendships and learning to trust.


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