04 May 2009


by Alexa Young

Random House Australia. Young Adult. Paperback rrp $17.95

Any young “tween” who is interested in fashion, fashion, and fashion will love Frenemies.

Avalon Greene and Halley Brandon are best friends, next-door-neighbours and have grown up together. For the first time, Halley has spent the summer at an art camp ... away from Avalon. As soon as Halley arrives home she goes straight to her bestie to tell her how her summer went. But when Avalon notices Halley’s new “look”, the girls start to see that maybe they might not have so much in common after all.

When they begin the new year, going into eighth grade and organising a party to end all parties, they soon realise that their fashion senses, taste in friends and new body shapes may just be turning these friends into enemies.

Frenemies is a modern day story that deals with family, friends, romance and what NOT to wear! After reading this I felt the necessity to deal with my own wardrobe style – tragic it seems from Avalon’s point of view but quite OK with Halley’s.

The second book in the series, Faketastic, will be out soon.


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