15 April 2009

Ulterior Motives

by Lucienne Joy

Allen & Unwin. Australian, Romance, Adult Other. Paperback rrp$32.95

Ulterior Motives is the story of a woman in her 30’s, looking for love, to quote the old song, “in all the wrong places”.

Coco is an Australian journalist who has decided that the perfect man must be French, a certain age, height and weight, and loving, caring and good in bed. To meet this perfect man, Coco flies to France and starts working as a radio announcer for a radio station dedicated to the English expats working along the French Riviera.

She finds meeting the perfect French man is harder than she imagined. When an older American, Jack Villeneuve, asks her out she thinks it will be harmless fun. After all, she won’t be interested in him, he has none of her requirements for the perfect man.

Slowly Coco realises her perfect man might just be the one she is with . . . Jack! He is wealthy, charming, wonderful in bed, and from French-Swiss stock (so there is that little bit of French there). Besides he knows what he wants - Coco. When Jack goes to America on a business trip Coco realises the feeling is reciprocated. She wants him too.

Coco and Jack get married after only knowing each other a few months. Things start to take an unexpected detour in the bedroom for Coco. She isn’t a prude but Jack’s demands become more and more strange. Coco starts to question the basis of their marriage.

Ulterior Motives is a story of one woman’s journey into the sanctity of marriage and the side trips that only love can detour you from.

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