24 April 2009

I don’t want a posh dog

by Emma Dodd

Orchard books (Hachette Children’s). Picture, Young Reader. Paperback rrp $16.99

Have you ever had a child say ‘Can I have a dog, please, please, please?’. I don’t want a posh dog is a cute picture book for dog lovers of all ages but it is also a great start for parents and children thinking about becoming dog owners.

Beginning with the front cover, you will meet dogs of all shapes and sizes – from a posh dog, to a snappy dog, to a grunty, wheezy, puff dog. You will want to pat them all!

There are so many dogs out there to choose from but as Emma Dodd cleverly shows - what any child really wants is a dog that is just for them … “A dog I can call My Dog.”

The illustrations are gorgeous, cute and funny. My dog-loving daughter has spirited I don’t want a posh dog away to her room. And I now know we don’t have to worry about any more dogs in our house. We already have one - we all call it “My Dog”.

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