03 March 2009


by Miles, Scott and Morgan

Harper Collins Publishers. Adult Fiction. Hardback rrp $39.99

Here is a book guaranteed to cause controversy! Husband, children, friends, neighbours all picked it up and flicked through it. All had their opinions. And all said the same thing . . . “But they haven’t put in …”

And that is what is so good about this book. It can be glanced at, picked up and flicked through, thoroughly read and re-read, but every time there will always be a reaction. I love it. I leave it out on the coffee table on purpose. The discussions that start from it are great conversations ... and great fun.

I am waiting for some friends of mine, music buffs and artists, to come for a planned visit. I look forward to innocently leaving the book on the table. What I am envisaging will be a lively debate and a whole lot of arguing about what they feel has been missed and what shouldn’t have been included!

As the writers say in the Introduction . . . The title of this book might be The Greatest but in truth it should be Some Of The Greatest, because there just isn’t the space to fully do justice to the breadth and imagination of the people who, between 1956 and 2006, created some of the wittiest, sharpest and most bizarre art to ever be mass produced.

A great present for any music, modern history and/or art buff! If you know of someone who is all three –this is perfect! Then sit back and wait for the heated discussions to begin.

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