11 March 2009


by Andrew Nicoll

Harper Collins Publishers. Adult, Romance. Paperback rrp $27.99.

For almost twenty years, Tibo Krovic has been the Mayor of the town of Dot in a forgotten part of the Baltic. Tibo is referred to by one and all as the good and honest Mayor. But Tibo doesn’t think he is good. Especially when his thoughts turn to his secretary, the beautiful Mrs Agathe Stopak.

Tibo cannot have Agathe – she is already married. But Agathe is lonely and unhappy in her crumbling marriage and looks at Tibo as a suitable companion. After Agathe loses her lunchbox in the town’s fountain, Tibo saves the box and finally gets the nerve to ask Agathe out to lunch. Their lunches become the highlight of both their days. But lunch isn’t enough.

When Agathe can’t wait any longer for Tibo to declare his feelings, she gives her pent up emotions of love to another. Tibo is too late.

Can Tibo outgrow his love for Agathe? Can Agathe see that her new relationship is shallow, temporary and will spiral downwards into places she may never escape from? Can she finally realise that Tibo is the man she should be with? And after all that has happened, can Tibo still be called the good Mayor?

The Good Mayor is a story of love, loss, betrayal, magic, ghosts, beliefs, food, art - all taking place at a slow pace, much too slow for Agathe but perfect for Tibo. A wonderful story, funny in places, with plenty of detail to ensure the reader feels they are part of Tibo and Agathe’s journey to find themselves and each other.

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