29 March 2009

The Fairies

Fairy Dancing & Magic Fairy Spells
by Jen Watts

ABC Books. Australian, Junior, Young Reader. Hardback rrp $14.95 each

Here are two large A4 hardcover books that will delight little fairies everywhere. The Fairies is a popular TV series with a number of DVDs and books available. There are even Fairies shops located around Australia.

Fairy Dancing
shows fairies and would-be fairies how to dance, from slow and gentle to fast and boppy. It tells you about warming up and doing all those lovely fairy steps including Demi PliƩ and the Fairy Curtsey Goodbye. With helpful photos of Harmony and Rhapsody and their two little friends, Lucy and Momo, every fairy follower will love to practice these steps over and over again.

Magic Fairy Spells gives you lots of wonderful fairy spells. From Magic Special Day Spell to Fairy Friends Forever Spell. There is a Giggle Pot Magic Fairy Spell and the one I like the best, Bedtime Spell. Children will have fun learning these simple rhyming and magical verses and, with best intentions, create a fun and happy place.


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