09 September 2008

Dog and the Bird See the Moon

by Tohby Riddle

Puffin Baby. Picture, Australian. Soft Cardboard rrp $12.95

Dog and Bird See the Moon has 11 pages of text and is particularly suited to young children. The book can initially be read to the child and then, when they start recognising words, they can read the single sentences on each page independently. So who better to review this than a 3 year old?

I read my reviewer the story and he enthusiastically pointed out the key story elements in the pictures. The Dog shows the Bird the moon… but where has it gone? Will it come back?

The pictures are simple but effective and the story is about something that fascinates every three year old – the moon.

When asked my reviewer what part of the story he liked the best he said “the moon” and pointed to it. He then pointed to the dog and said “Dewey” (his name for all dogs). And as for the final recommendation – ever since our reading, he takes Dog and Bird see the moon to bed with him every night!

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