05 May 2008

Pearlie and her Pink Shell

by Wendy Harmer. Illustrated by Gypsy Taylor.

Random House. Young Readers, Australian. Paperback rrp $14.95

This is the ninth book in the internationally successful Pearlie series by media personality and author Wendy Harmer. Pearlie and her Pink Shell is beautifully presented – shiny pink and glowing with all the colours of the rainbow. A guaranteed fashion accessory for any young girl whether she is a keen reader or not. If she’s not inclined to read, this book might be just the inspiration required.

Pearlie is a fairy who lives in a pink shell on the park fountain. When the fountain undergoes renovations, Pearlie must find a temporary place to live. That’s not as easy as it sounds and meanwhile, her beloved pink shell has been painted grey.

Jasper the Elf decides to redecorate to surprise his friend. Naughty fairy Sapphire, Pearlie’s cousin, convinces Jasper to give her a chance to do a good deed for a change. But she can’t be trusted and together with two ratty felons, Scrag and Mr Flea, she plots to make sure Pearlie loses her home and her magic.

Pearlie returns home to find not only her shell painted horrible purple with green stripes but her precious wand in the hands of the rats. With the help of her friends Jasper and Opal, Pearlie retrieves her wand and repaints her shell. A happy ending of course - this is a fairy story after all.

Pearlie and her Pink Shell is recommended reading for girls 7 – 9 years. An animated series is currently in production with Channel 10.

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