11 November 2007

Pink Freud

Cartoons by Tohby Riddle

Penguin. Adult, Humour, Australian, Paperback rrp $19.95

If you’ve seen Tohby Riddle’s cartoons in the Good Weekend (weekend magazine of Sydney Morning Herald and The Age), then you will already be accustomed to his sense of humour. This is a book that will appeal to his existing fans and certainly create some new ones.

“How do you bring up children? You have to tickle your throat!”

Or sometimes you just have to let the picture speak for itself.

Presented in A5 format, Pink Freud is perfect for any coffee table or waiting room. I can imagine people waiting in a dentist’s surgery with fear written all over their face, picking up this book and then trying to suppress their laughter! Guaranteed to beat laughing gas any time.

And if you want to look smart, sophisticated, intelligent with a thought-provoking adult picture book on your table then this is the book for you too.

And if you still need a reason to read this one – it’s heaps of fun. And as for Pink Freud - he’s pink and he’s Freud! (And if you still don’t get it here’s a clue ‘Dark Side Of the Moon’)


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